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Data from January 2017. Source: CRESCER


The work we do on a daily basis has been recognized in many ways, one of which is through prizes and awards. Our many thanks for those!

Agir REN
Agir REN

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CRESCER relies on the support of national and international public entities and organizations that make the development of its projects possible.

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An increasing number of companies and institutions make our work possible. We are very grateful for the partnership and support.

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A growing number of individual donors, companies, institutions, and organizations make our work possible. We are very grateful for the partnership and support.

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Take a homeless out of the streets

A Van

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Much of the work carried out by our teams, in several of the projects implemented, requires the use of a van, either to transport and accompany our beneficiaries to the various social and health care structures, or to transport all the material used by Outreach Teams, or even for the collection and transport of furniture, regular activity in the É UMA VIDA and É UMA CASA projects, which is required for the houses made available to the beneficiaries. In all projects, the team’s means of transportation is essential for their proper functioning and the achievement of the objectives we set for improving the living conditions of the people we accompany. It is our best way to reach our beneficiaries better, traveling daily to the various points of the city of Lisbon where more people are found in situations of vulnerability. The work of the Crescer Teams covers all parishes in the city of Lisbon and referrals and the respective transport of beneficiaries are frequently made to structures inside or outside the city, for example to the different therapeutic communities based in different regions of the country.


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