Professional Insertion Office (PIO)

Since 2005, Crescer has run a professional Insertion Office, in partnership with the Employment and Professional Training Office (IEFP)

Financial Partners

Target Group

The unemplyed population

Our Mission

To promote and improve personal conditions by stablishing contact with social facilities. This is achieved by implementing responsability and autonomy which will lead to the inclusion of the individual into the community.

Our Aims

To support the unemployed population and define or develop their journey towards their (re)integration into the job market.

Areas of Action

City of Lisbon


Working Hours

Mon-Fri:9 pm to 1pm
Bairro Quinta do Cabrinha, Store 3 E/F 1300-906 Lisbon


To provide personalized assistance

To help with the creation of Curriculum; cover letters; sending of applications, preparing for job interviews

To contact Training Centres for referral of candidates

To contact companies in order to attract job offers and to presentate candidates

To hold sessions that explain measures for obtaining jobs, enterprenourship and professional training


To supply professional information for the unemployed

To support with the active searh of employment and to develop of an entreprenurial mindset attitude

To attract and disclose job offers and help with job placements

To inform about job offers as well as assist the placement of unemployed individuals in the appropriate job vacancies

To inform about community programes which promote labour mobility and professional training in the European territory.

To inform about available measures that support employment, professional training and entrepreneurism and referral of the candidates

To redirect the target popuation towards the devlopment of employment skills and towards the creation of self- employment

To personally guide the unemployed population who are at the stage of professional (re)insertion

To redirect the population towards qualification opportunities

To motivate and support the involvement of the target populatin in temporary jobs or volunteer work which enable the insertion in the job market.

"The PIO helped me find a job …I had been looking for a job for many years and coud never get one. Due to my age, it was difficult to get into the job market. They helped me believed in me and in my capabilities to work; I was already discouraged because I always got negative answers when it came to work"


"I have been very well treated and 5-star, Drª Selma has been very patient with me and has done everything she can to find me a job. She has informed me of training, has been persistent, and has even posed as a psychologist because of my current life"


"Coming to Crescer has been very good, everything is great and I am welcomed"


"The PIO has helped me a lot in a lot of things, that were very useful, it has been a good experience"


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