REACH_U is a project for the micro-elimination of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) addressed to people in extremely vulnerable situations exposed to its contraction and spread, namely people who use psychoactive substances, people in situations of homelessness, migrants and refugees. It started in December 2020, following the work that has been developed by the Outreach Teams.

This project aims to respond to the need to bring health care closer to the community context. Specifically, it consists of a specialized Outreach Team (nurse and peer) that meets people in their own environment (such as abandoned houses, woods, open consumption sites, etc.), promoting access to education for HCV health, testing and treatment.

This way, it is guaranteed that the whole process – testing, analysis, specialist medical appointment and availability of medication – is carried out without going to the hospital, while taking place in a container and familiar place in the community, which enhances adherence and, therefore, results in the micro-elimination of the virus.


Target Group

People in extremely vulnerable situations exposed to HCV contraction and spread (people who use psychoactive substances, people in a homeless situation, migrants and refugees).


Micro-elimination of the hepatitis C virus (HCV).


Reach out to people in their own environment;

Health education and awareness-raising activities for HCV testing;

Fingerstick HCV testing (antibody and RNA) in the field;

In positive cases, blood collection for clinical analysis;

Virtual appointment (telemedicine) with a specialist and medication prescription;

Delivery and support for taking the prescribed medication / monitoring treatment on the field;

Treatment effectiveness follow-up.

Technical Team

Nurse and Peer

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