With the support of the Lisbon City Hall, the mentoring of Chef Nuno Bergonse and the creativity of The Hotel, we created a restaurant where the service is provided by people who experienced homelessness.

It is a casual fine dining restaurant, where we serve comfort food, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and decor. But also, and above all, it is a project with a strong social impact, where 75 people living in vulnerable situations will be integrated each year, giving them the tools for their inclusion in the labor market.

Our Partners


Target group

People experiencing a homeless situation, and rough sleepers.


We don’t give food, we teach how to cook … but not only. Through the hands of the CRESCER Association, this innovative initiative provides training and creates job opportunities for people living in vulnerable situations.

Rua de São José, 56 Lisboa


Empower trainees and help them gain skills that they will continue to develop in the next step, an internship at several partner restaurants in Lisbon, with a view to their integration into the labor market.


The project is continuously monitored from the moment of its implementation. The objective is to analyze all the steps taken in the first phase of the pilot project, to adjust and make the necessary changes.


Trainees selection
Technical monitoring throughout the process
Training in relational and social skills, provided by CRESCER technicians
Training in technical skills in the service and restaurant sector, provided by the Lisbon Hotel and Tourism School
On the job training, at our restaurant
Professional internship at partner’s restaurants

Indicators to be monitored

Number of people integrated in the project
Number of hours of training in relational and social skills
Number of hours of training in technical skills
Number of beneficiaries referred to employers
Number of beneficiaries effectively integrated into the labor market
Number of people who were no longer in the vulnerable situation they were in before joining the project


“The Association is helping us a lot, it is giving us an opportunity.”


Technical Team

Project coordinator, Psychologist, Consultant Chef, Executive Chef, Room chef

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