This month marks the 5th year of the project É UMA VIDA.

É UMA VIDA. was designed to welcome and include refugees in our community, mainly coming from countries of the Middle East, Eastern and Western Africa, arrived in Portugal under the Municipal Reception Program. They left their countries due to armed conflicts, generalized violence or massive violation of human rights.

The CRESCER team closely monitors the beneficiaries, promoting their inclusion and designing with them a life project, with a view to their autonomy, including their own housing solution.

We share the impact of the project along these five years on the ground:

  • – 220 people monitored, 117 of those people arrived alone and 103 as a family;
  • – 16 different nationalities;
  • – 220 people with accesss to temporary autonomous housing and with access to a specialized team;
  • – 52 children and young people in school age, all integrated at the school of the place of residence;
  • – 5 babies born during the project;
  •  Dozens of advocacy actions and hundreds of meetings with beneficiaries.

Após estes cinco anos de projeto assinalamos ainda grandes dificuldades nas respostas dos serviços da comunidade, que muitas vezes não são adequados ao público-alvo, bem como demoras no SEF e respetivo processo de asilo injustificáveis. Continuaremos a lutar por uma verdadeira inclusão de todos, trabalhando lado a lado com os nossos beneficiários.

Ajude-nos a CRESCER!