Drop-In, Espaço Âncora

Espaço Âncora, a Drop-In was started in 2014, where the beneficiaries have access to several services: availability of aseptic material for consumption, nursing care, snacks, library, computers with internet access, shower rooms, clothing, TV, occupational activities – workshops, theater, painting studios.

Financing Partners

Working Hours

Mon-Fri: from 9am to 6pm

Drop-In, Espaço Âncora

Rua Passos Manuel, nº20, 1ªD. Lisbon

Target Group

Vulnerable populations who have not yet been able to commit to any facility, even though many have been through several existing resources of the social support network;
Most of them are in the streets or in process of becoming autonomous in their own homes and are looking for familiarity and a meeting place;

The homeless

Drug users and alcohol consumers


Sex workers

Users of É UMA CASA, Lisbon Housing First Project who are in te process of becoming autonomous

Our Mission

To support the most vulnerable and excluded populations with the aim of rehabilitating them in terms of their social skills and competences. This is achieved through the development of activities which are integrated in ‘structured’ programs and imply a constant participation of the person, or flexible programs whose attendance depends on the person’s motivation.

Our Aims

To support and promote the development of the personal appreciation by maximizing the user’s capabilities, with the intention of promoting personal autonomy and the development of skills which will allow a greater responsiveness in different contexts.

Preparing for an alternative life path and if possible towards specific treatment programs and social and professional (re)insertion.

Our Action

Espaço Âncora is a social solution open to the community and consists of a set of services available to the target population who need to be busy during the day.

It is imperative that conditions of trust be created and that the center is seen as a place of support, care and acquisition of skills. The beneficiaries are free to choose from a set of means, services and take advantage of them as long as they wish based on their personal needs and objectives.

This place relies on specialized technicians who implement activities with the target population.

An alternative space for socializing has been developed where the recreational activities are organized and implemented. This helps reinforce change within the target population, by discovering personal skills.

Guided activities promote the discovery of new interests and friendships with the purpose of acquiring social skills.

The Street Outreach Team supplement the support provided in Espaço Âncora.


Social intervention through methodologies and theatrical techniques and creativity triggers;

Promotion and development of social and personal skills;

Establishment of a supporting relationship;

Promotion of access to social and health facilities;

Promotion of access to diverse community resources;

Promotion of citizenship;

Social support;

Promotion of physical and psychological health;

Leisure and Occupational Activities;

Training in the field of employment;

Promotion of empowerment and (re)insertion in the community;

Promotion of Harm Reduction.

Technical Team

Psychologist, Cultural Entertainer and a Monitor


In this space I solve my problems and I can change my life.


"I have fun with people and I feel comfortable. I am, at the moment, a homeless. Here I ask for help when I'm sleeping on the street."


"This space has now new paint, lemonade and I like it a lot. Here I can drink coffee and I like it because this space is essential"


"I like to be here in this reception center of CRESCER, because since I’m not working, I can be busy in the workshop studio and not stay outside in the street."


"I like this space because the people are friendly and we socialize a lot with each other. Here people are given all the best possible support "


"Espaço Âncora has been an asset when I have nothing to do. I socialize with the other users. I also use the computers and the television."


"I have great fondness for the team and the house is very welcoming."


"Espaço Âncora is a support for us."


"As a user of the Espaço Âncora i think its positive because I feel comfortable, safe and some serenity. Since I have been free of consumption for a short time, I am trying to take this route to grow everyday. Growing up every day, relaxing my mind, and since Espaço Âncora is also frequented by people who continue consuming and this for me is a test of my will and sanity."


"This is a space that serves and provides a roof for those who do not have one. It is useful for socializing, in that when common sense prevails among those who enjoy it, there is tranquility. This space must be respected and there must be the same respect between users, especially when exchanging ideas, so as not to produce noise that would obscure the tranquility of those who need it. I think the important thing is to comply with the small rules that give us great benefits as few associations do. It is worth existing, and it is necessary to value the few so that it becomes many and grows bigger each day."


This space must be a sacred soil where we should all treat each other as we like them to treat us."


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