É UMA RUA, Lisbon South Central

In 2016, we implemented another outreach team following a Municipal Program for the Homeless People. Its main goals is to ensure a response for people who are in a homeless situation, in a restricted area in of the city of Lisbon. This Municipal Program adopted the strategy of dividing the City of Lisbon, into 4 targeted areas, in which different entities act.

Financing Partners

Target Group

Homeless people

Our Mission

To promote public and individual health for people living in a homeless situation by providing an efficient, adapted response to their needs.

Our Action

Areas of action

Santa Maria Maior
São Vicente

Daily Routes

There are specific daily routes which encompass all the parishes on a weekly basis

Working Hours *

Mon – 4pm to midnight
Tue and Wed – 2pm to 10pm
Thu and Fri – 9am to 6pm

* May be adapted as needed


Santa Maria Maior

São Vicente

Technical Team

Psychologists, Social Worker, Nurse and Psychiatrist

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