Since March 2016, and as a follow up from our field work, the City Hall of Lisbon invited CRESCER to develop a Municipal Program for the Reception of Refugees in the city of Lisbon (PMAR LX).

Financing Partners

Our Mission

By working closely with the beneficiaries of this project we hope to promote their integration into the community through learning and training.

Target Group

People seeking asylum, monitored under this Program (PMAR Lx)

Our approach

Areas of action

City of Lisbon

Working Hours

7 days/week

Prevention Team

24h/365 days per year


Housing First key principles

To establish relationships with our beneficiaries

To assist settling into a shared home (after leaving Temporary Reception Center)

To assign them a case manager

To provide assistance based on individual needs

To monitor continuously throughout the duration of the program

To promote access to the different resources in the community

To promote the learning of the Portuguese language

To promote empowerment and teaching of the target group


To search for house rentals in the real estate market

To prepare the houses for the move-in

Before moving into a home

To make a medical history (Anamnesis)

To match possible housemates to the most appropriate housing

To provide a first visit to the living quarters

After moving into a home

To give support with the transition from the Refugees Center to a home

To assign them a case manager

To provide regular house visits

To provide personalized monitoring

To assist in the acquisition of all the necessary documentation for integration

To assist with the management of household chores

To assist in handling Pocket Money

To define strategies towards building an individual life plan

To mediate the different community facilities

To give support with job searching

To establish new partnerships which ultimately provide better solutions for the beneficiaries

To promote entertainment and cultural activities

To promote sports

“It’s a community organization that helps people in a good way and I am thankful for their efforts with us. Thank you!"


Technical Team

Psychologists and Social Worker

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